I am a retired science teacher, Forestry Extension Specialist and environmental educator, having worked at University of Florida, Penn State, University of Massachusetts and in public and private schools. I am currently following my dream of becoming a published author/illustrator of children’s books. I am also working on several book projects for adults. I write about this process on my blog, NancyArnyPi-Sunyer.blogspot.com.

My work almost always depends on nature for its inspiration and content. My family life enveloped me in the study of natural history even before my first pets (four orphaned baby screech owls) when I was about 3 years old..  Through my years as a Girl Scout, an outdoorsy college student, a teacher in the wild West, graduate student in Natural Resource Planning and most of my life since receiving my PhD, nature has been my muse.To see my work, visit Pi-SunyerNaturally.com.

Education and the environment go hand in hand for me. I loved learning about the world around me, and enjoy sharing that love of learning with friends and neighbors, old and young.


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